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Welcome to P & R Lawn Service LLC, Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas based full service Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance Company.

We are fully licensed and insured with a professional staff that prides itself with providing excellent service.

“With experience, passion and a true talent, P & R Lawn Services LLC is here to help make your dreams of having a beautiful yard come true”

Looking for Fall Clean-Up Companies Near You? We are in your area!

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but the biggest landscaping chore is raking up all those leaves. Save yourself the backache, frustration and wasted hours, and let the landscaping experts take care of all your leaf clean-up and removal.

Our fall clean-up service entails the gathering and leaf removal, cutting tree limbs and clean-up of all other debris that have gathered over the course of summer.l

Enjoy a Wonderful & Pristine Lawn

Don’t spend hours of your precious time cleaning up the mess of changing seasons. We know how much of a hassle it can be to deal with the falling leaves off your trees going all over the place and even obstructing other areas that need clearance.

At P & R Lawn Services LLC, we perform a thorough fall clean-up including pruning, raking up leaves and composting them, protecting plants, weed control, and clearing drainage and other areas of branches and debris. Let us do the dirty work, so you can enjoy a wonderful and pristine lawn.


Fall has finally arrived, and along with it came the beautiful and colorful leaves on the trees that creates that aesthetic that we all love. Eventually, those leaves do fall off the trees, making a fun play environment for kids and pets. It also means hours of work to clean them up. Leaving the remaining debris creates several troubles on your garden.

Leaves on the lawn and garden can deprive the turf of important sunlight and oxygen, this can cause brown and/or dead patches on the lawn. Not only that, but they can also entice moisture within the turf that can create fungus problems.

In this storm season, we are ready to help you

If you need help with branch cleaning or any other emergency caused by the storms, then we are
ready to help you. Call us now to book an appointment today!

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